The National Centre for Technology in Education is the government agency established to provide advice, support and information on the use of ICT in education


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Welcome to the e-Learning Plan section of the NCTE website. This area contains a number of useful resources to assist schools in developing their e-Learning Plan, from the NCTE’s e-Learning Handbook and Roadmap to case studies and video exemplars highlighting how teachers are integrating ICT in their classrooms.

e-Learning Handbook

The NCTE’s e-Learning Handbook outlines the process of planning for e-Learning in your school and provides a step by step guide to the development of the school’s e-Learning Plan. The Handbook outlines the key roles and responsibilities of all involved in the development of the plan. Find out more>

e-Learning Roadmap

The e-Learning Roadmap is a planning tool designed to help your school identify where it currently is in relation to e-Learning, and the priority areas for e-Learning Development. It is available in printed and online format. Find out more>

e-Learning Case Studies

This section provides some scenarios on how different types of schools set about preparing their e-Learning Plans. These case studies provide practical ideas and information about how other schools have approached the development of e-Learning. Find out more>

e-Learning Videos

Our e-Learning Videos have been filmed in Irish schools and include examples of teachers integrating ICT in their classrooms, as well as interviews with students, teachers, principals and ICT co-ordinating teachers about e-Learning in their schools. Find out more>

e-Learning Plan Templates

Templates which can be used in the development of the school’s e-Learning Plan. The e-Learning Plan template can be adapted depending on the areas your school has decided to prioritise. The e-Learning audit templates are designed to be adapted and customised for your school’s particular needs. Find out more>

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