Internet safety in school & classroom (online)


This short online course focuses on Internet Safety both from a school and classroom perspective by providing an introduction to teaching effectively and safely with the internet, showing how we can help students be safe and responsible internet users.

Course Description

This online short course is open until the end of December, 2013. You can enrol, using your Scoilnet account, by clicking here

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Duration40 minutes approx (at times of your own choosing)
Skill LevelBasic
SectorPost-primary, Primary
Target AudiencePrimary and post primary teachers
PrerequisitesParticipants should have some experience of carrying out basic ICT tasks (opening, editing, saving, closing files) and be comfortable using an Internet browser. Completion of a beginners ICT skills course will generally satisfy these prerequisites.

Course Objectives

Participants will be enabled to:

  • Maximise the educational benefits of using the internet in their classroom
  • Help students to be safe and responsible internet users
  • Teach effectively and safely with the internet
  • Use to access information, advice and resources supporting the safe use of the internet in teaching and learning.

Course Content

This short online course focuses on both school & classroom approaches to internet safety. It consists of one module which covers topics including:

  • Using as a practical resource for the classroom & school
  • School-wide strategies for safe use of the internet
  • ICT infrastructure, including content filtering
  • The school’s AUP
  • Integrating the AUP with other school policies
  • NCTE support and advice in relation to internet safety
  • Primary & Post primary lesson ideas incorporating internet use