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Hello from St. Peter's Elementary School, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

My favorite Christmas tradition is, every Christmas Eve my family and I go to the church for a Christmas Eve service. Usually someone sings up on the altar. After the service we go for a ride and look at the Christmas lights. Then we go home and look at the tree. Next I put the food on the plate for Santa. Then I go to bed. That is my favorite Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas from Matthew Vincent.

My favorite Christmas tradition is when we decorate our Christmas tree. First we have to go out and buy our tree. We usually pick Saturdays a week before Christmas to buy a tree. When we pick out a tree we all have to agree on it. Daddy ties it on the roof of the van. My brother and I check the tree to make sure it stays on.

When we all get home we put on Christmas music in the background while Daddy sets up the tree. Mommy and Daddy steady the tree, and then they both put on the lights. My brother and I get our Disney ornaments and bring them up. Mommy and Daddy have been collecting them for us. Mommy and Daddy sit back and watch us decorate our Christmas tree. Daddy lifts my brother or me up to put on the angel on the top the tree. Then we all turn off the lights and plug in the Christmas tree lights.

We all sit back and admire the lights. Then we give everyone in my family a call. We spend a whole day decorating our tree. After we decorate our tree we help Mommy and Daddy decorate the showing tree in the living room. When we do that we put my brother's train set around the base of the fake tree. We all have fun together.

Merry Christmas From Jessica Jenkins.

On Christmas Eve I leave a snack for Santa. Then my sister and I open a present each. I have Christmas eve dinner at my Nan house with all of my relatives.

On Christmas morning we get up at exactly 7:15 am and open our presents. After we do that we call our friends to tell them what we have.When we have that done, we go to my house or my aunt's house we take turns for dinner. When dinner's over we go to my Nan's house for supper and to open some more presents. That's what we do for Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Andrew Stokes.

On Christmas Morning my sister Heather and I opened our gifts. After that mom and dad open their gifts. My nan invites my relatives and my family over for dinner at her house. When dinner is over my mom helps with the dishes. When the dishes are done we all go home.That is what we do for our Christmas traditions.

Merry Christmas From Katie.

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