The name of our school is St. Brigid’s National School, Castleknock, Dublin 15 and we have 35 teachers and 846 students aged from 4 to12.

The title/name/number of our class is Fifth class (Rang V). In our class are 10 girls and 17 boys.

Our school is in Castleknock, which is a suburb of our capital city, Dublin in Ireland.
Our school is situated at Longitude 6.15
°W Latitude 53.5°N and Dublin city is 70 metres above sea level. Our school is 62.95 metres above sea level.
Alternative: Our school is in the north of our capital city which is on the east coast of our country which is an island. Can you find it on a map?

School starts at 08:50 in the morning and ends at 14:30 in the afternoon.
We have a small break from 10:30 to 10:40 each morning and our lunch is from 12:15 to 12:45 each day.

In our class we study these subjects: Mathematics National language,Other languages, Sciences, Geography, History, Physical Education, Religious Studies, Art and craft, Information technology (computers, etc). There is an option to study cookery , French and Spanish after school hours.

More things we wish to tell you about our school:

This is what our school buildings look like.

Our school consists of three buildings, each housing a different part of the school.

We have a school uniform.

All children wear grey shirts , wine coloured jumpers and a tie with St. Brigid’s crosses on it. Girls wear grey skirts or pinafores while boys wear grey trousers. A wine coloured tracksuit is worn on P.E. days and for all sporting events. Wine shorts 

are part of the school uniform during the summer months. All jumpers have our school crest on them.

Our school has its own badge. It looks like this:


The different parts of our school badge shows St. Brigid, her cross and as the year the school was founded -1865. This crest is on all our uniform, jumpers and tops.

We think that our school is special because:

it promotes the values of a good education, fairness, equality and respect to all .


We do the Lego Mindstorms project and lots of sport activities.

Our class was also involved in a mosaic project and our finished mosaics are on display in An Draoicht art centre.

 Our president Mary Mc Aleese, opened an exhibition last month and we are very proud of the finished project. Our class was the only class in the school to be involved in this project. It took hours of patient work, sticking the pieces of  broken tile, glass and wood together.   

We also have an award winning choir and they have just recently won a competition in Bangor which is in Northern Ireland.