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Hello from Morten Boerup School in Skanderborg in the middle of Jutland, Denmark.


Preparation for Christmas.

We decorate the house inside and in the garden we decorate our trees with small electric lights. Inside on the walls we hang pixies, hearts and stars.

We bake biscuits. You buy Christmas presents and hide them down under your bed, so no one can see them. On Christmas Eve you find them and put them down under the Christmas tree.

We make our own chocolates out of marzipan. One week before Christmas Eve we fetch a Christmas tree in the forest.



In Advent we light a candle for each Sunday. That means that on the 1st Sunday in Advent we light one candle, on the second we light two candles etc. A lot of children have gifts from their Advent calendar, some children every day in December some others on every Sunday. They can find their gifts on a calendar where the gift is placed in a little bag, or in a sock. The sock is not always hanging at the fireplace, because not everybody has heard about that custom, or maybe they have not got a fireplace. For a lot of families it's too a tradition that they'll go out and find their own Christmas tree.


On the 24th of December, we wake up in the morning and open our Advent presents. And when our parents wake up we have breakfast and then we get dressed. Then we wait and wait and wait and have fun. The guests come about 13:00 or 16:00 o clock. Then some of the adults start making dinner and the rest of us go to church .When we come home from church, dinner is almost ready. And the children put the presents under the tree. Then we have dinner, when we are finished we clean the table. And when we are finished cleaning the table we sing together and dance around the tree. After that we open our presents. And the rest of the evening we have fun.

Louise N. Jane & Julie.

The Danish Christmas dinner.

Many places in Denmark, we eat duck and roast pork, with white and brown potatoes and brown gravy. We eat lots of vegetables, and drink red wine or Christmas beer.

After the dinner we eat " ris a la mande". Itís a kind of rice porridge with whipped cream and there is one almond in it. The person who finds the almond wins a little present. After dinner, we dance around the Christmas tree and open up our presents.

Made by: Andreas, Jesper, Kenneth, Soeren

The 25th of December

The 25th of December is "the big Christmas lunch day".

In the Danish Christmas lunch our dinner goes like this: First we eat herrings with a good glass of snaps. The Danish people do normally too eat: roast pork, some special salads, rice porridge, and a lot of other Christmas food.

The first Friday in December is also a day, when a lot of Christmas lunches are held and back to the 25th. We celebrate our Christmas on the 24th, that's a difference to the UK. In many houses rice porridge is eaten on the 25th of December.

Mikkel, 6.B.

Christmas Lunch.

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas with lunch. We often eat things like: the starter: 8 different herrings with curry salad, hot liver paté, cabbage and other things like that. For the main course: roast pork with red cabbage, sugar-browned potatoes, brown sauce and white potatoes.

For dessert: biscuits with cheese, chocolates and rice porridge. To drink: snaps, beer, soda water and alcohol. After lunch we play a parcel game.

Alexander, Bjarke, Linnea and Ronni.


We hope you liked reading about Christmas in Denmark. When we wish each other a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year we say in Danish:


And that is what we say to all of you right now.

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