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Gaia visits Ireland
July/August 2005

A full scale replica of the Gokstad Viking ship, the 'Gaia', based in Sandefjord harbour in Vestfold in Southern Norway, made a Summer voyage in 2005 to Ireland and Britain in celebration of a century of Norwegian independence and in memory of the brave Viking forefathers. The replica ship docked at Dublin on its way to Wexford Viking Festival.

The Gaia is a faithful replica of the original ninth century ship which was used for a ship burial at Gokstad around 853AD. It remained sealed in its mound for over a thousand years until it was discovered and excavated in the 1880's.

This replica was built in 1990 and since its launch has sailed to many parts of the world. It is 24 metres long with a 120 square metre sail and carries a crew of fifteen, three of whom are professional seamen who are assisted byvolunteers The ship will retrace the route taken by the original Viking sailors in the ninth and tenth centuries.

The Gaia was at Dublin's Custom House Quay until Saturday July 24. It then sailed for Wexford to take part in the Viking Festival there. It departed on August 2.

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Gaia lies at dock near Dublin city centre.


Viking Network Ireland co-ordinator pays a visit


Updated 22 July 2005 by the Viking Network: Irish Co-ordinator, Michael Farry.

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