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October 2002


In this project we invited schools to make a model Viking ship.
We gave simple instructions on this page.

We invited them to send you pictures of the finished ships.

Here they are!

St. Patrick's NS, Crowenstown, Ireland

I made this wood carving of one piece of white birch wood (ship, waves,base), and made the sail also of the white bark of the beech. Dimensions are: Total length of wood carving 165 m/m, height 110 m/m. Width of sail is 75 m/m. After finishing, I applied a coat of acrylic, leaving the natural wood grain to show. It took me about two weeks to finish, during evenings after work.
I was born in Denmark but am living at Viking Camp, on the shores of the Atlantic, in the Bay of Chaleur, south of Newfoundland, Canada.

Bo Haugaard Strandnęs

The Fearless One


Here are eight viking ships to add to your fleet. They come from Ms. Fay's 3rd class in St. Brigid's N.S., Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland.

We hope you like them.It was a great idea and sparked off great activity both art and research on the topic.


Here is a picture of our Viking's ships.
We are a 4th Grade class in Gray, Tennessee U.S.A.
We were searching the web and found your diagram. We used it to construct our Viking's ships.

We really enjoyed this project!




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Irish Co-ordinator Dr. Michael Farry. Navan Education Centre.

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