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Hello from St Seachnall's National School from Meath in East Ireland. This year is a little sad for us because it is our last year in primary school. There are 39 kids in 6th class although we are in two separate classes. This is a description of our morning.

From Sinead Maguire and Devin Cummins.

When you got up, was the weather: sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy, misty, snowy?

Windy and overcast. It was 12 Degrees.

What did you eat for breakfast?

6 ate porridge, 5 for cornflakes, 7 ate weetabix, 13 ate other cereals, 8 had tea and toast..

Did you watch TV or listen to the radio or a CD this morning ?

16 watched T.V., 14 listened to the radio, 3 Listened to their cd or tape and 6 had a conversation.

If you heard the news, can you remember any local or national news, any international news?

The Taliban are going to surrender their weapons to the UN and Ireland have qualified for the soccer World Cup.

What time did you leave for school?

Children left for school from 20 minutes to 2 minutes before school began.

How did you get to school and how long did it take to get there?

17 came by car and 22 walked to school. It took 20 mins to 2 mins to get to school.

Describe what you wore to school.

We wore tracksuits because it was our P.E. day.

If you have windows in the classroom what can you see from them?

You can see a busy main road, a church and a library.

What time did school start?

School starts at 9.20 and closes at 3.00pm.

What lessons have you learned at school so far today?

We have done Irish and Maths.

Updated December 2001 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator Michael Farry, Navan Education Centre

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