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Hello World, from Italy! We are writing from Padova, Northeastern Italy, 30 km from Venice . In our school we are studing English as a foreign language . Please donít be too strict with us and we could try to improve our English with the "Good Morning World" project. Our school is the "4 Martiri" Primary School : itís a little school with 7 classes, 12 teachers and 104 students. We are two classes and we are 11 years old, someone is 10 years old. This is our last year at the primary school. Next year weíll go to the Middle school, so this is a very special year for us and also a bit sad because we'll change friends and teachers and schools.

When you got up, was the weather: sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy, misty, snowy?

This morning the weather is sunny and very cold.

What did you eat for breakfast?

For breakfast we ate chocolate and bread (1), nothing(3), cereals and milk (6), milk or tea with cookies (4), orange juice (2), only cofee and milk (1), milk and bread with some jam(1), only milk (1), milk and Nesquick (4).

Did you watch TV or listen to the radio or a CD this morning ?

This morning 3 of us didn't watch TV and they didn't listen to the radio. Five of us watched TV and only one listened to the radio: Francesco and he heard that, during this year, less and less people watched TV in Italy because the TV is so boring. Three of us watched TV and listened to the radio too.

What time did you leave for school?

We left for school at different moments: 7.15A.M. (1), 7.20 AM (1), 7.45 AM (3), 7.55 AM(5), 7.50 AM(1), 8.00 AM (7), 8.05 AM(1), 8.10 AM(2), 8.13(1).

How did you get to school and how long did it take to get there?

  We got to school by feet( 11), by car(9) and by bycicle (2) and it takes us to get get there 1 hour( 1), 50 minutes (1), 28 min. (2), 20min.(2), 15 min. (3), 10 min. (3), 5 min. (4), 4 min. (1), 3 min. (1), 2 min. (3), 1 min. (2).


Describe what you wore to school.

We don't wear a school uniform or tracksuit. We wore coats, jackets. scarfs, hats and gloves because it is very cold.

If you have windows in the classroom what can you see from them?

From the windows of our classrooms we can see the red roofs of the houses nearby the school. We can see the dark green of the pine trees and the golden leaves of the other trees of the school garden, shining and glowing in the sun. We can see also the blue sky without any clouds.

What time did school start?

The school began at 8.15 A.M. and it will finish at 0.55 P.M.

What lessons have you learned at school so far today?

This morning at school we are going to have English, History, Geography, Social Studies and Maths.

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Irish Co-ordinator Michael Farry, Navan Education Centre

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