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Good Morning World 2001! Here come the answers from class 6 at Grinder school, Norway. We are 10 students, 8 boys and 2 girls.

When you got up, was the weather: sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy, misty, snowy?

It was cloudy.
It was windy and +5C.
It was windy and cloudy.

What did you eat for breakfast?

I ate bread with brown cheese and had milk to it.
I ate bread with liver"postei" (paste).
I ate bread with "Hapå" and milk.
I ate bread with "Leverpostei".
I had bread with "Sjokonøtt" (a chocolate spread).
I ate bread with brown cheese and juice.
I didn't want any breakfast.

Did you watch TV or listen to the radio or a CD this morning?

Children's programme at TV3.
In the morning I watched the TV.
No, I did not listen to the radio this morning.

If you heard the news, can you remember any local or national news, any international news?

I don't remember, only local news.
There was a big fire in some old houses in Oslo.

What time did you leave for school?

Twenty past eight.
I left for school at 08.15 a.m.
At 8.15 o'clock.

How did you get to school and how long did it take to get there?

I went by bus for about 20 minutes.
Five minutes.
I went by bus for about 5 minutes.
I walk to school as it is just across the road from where I live.
I bike to school and it takes me about 5 minutes.

Describe what you wore to school.

I have a jacket, trousers and a hat on.
Jacket, trousers and my helmet (for cycling).
An Army sweater and trousers.
I had on my jacket, my trousers, my hat and gloves.
Grey trousers, green jumper and a black jacket.

If you have windows in the classroom what can you see from them?

Thomas's house. Wood!!
Some houses, a road and much more.
I can see a lot of trees.

What time did school start?

The school starts at 8.55.

What school work did you do first today ?

We have done English.

Updated December 2001 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator Michael Farry, Navan Education Centre

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