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Sevgilerimizle (with our love) 6A-2

Ahmet, Benan, Buse, Can,Deniz, İlayda, Mark, Mert, Naz, Nazlı, Ömer, Selim, Sinan.
Rob Easton, the English teacher of 6A2

When you got up, was the weather: sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy, misty, snowy?

Today's weather is sunny but cold.

What did you eat for breakfast?

For breakfast we ate bread with choclet honey cheese milk bread with nutella, white cheese and olives cheese on bread sausage jam and butter on bread olivada.

Did you watch TV or listen to the radio or a CD this morning?

On the news we heard about: America bomb Afganistan. News is very boring. Deniz watched T.V. shows.

What time did you leave for school? How did you get to school and how long did it take to get there?

School starts at 8.30 and we leave for school at 7:20 -7:30 -7:45-8:00-8:15.

We came school in school bus and cars.

Describe what you wore to school.

We are wearing school uniform. But today we have P.E class. For P.E class we are changing our uniform to sweats.

If you have windows in the classroom what can you see from them?

From our classroom windows we can see buildings, climbing wall, trees, car parks and play ground.

What lessons have you learned at school so far today?

Today we have a math , Turkish, P.E and 2 english classes.We will have turkish and social lessons.

Updated December 2001 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator Michael Farry, Navan Education Centre

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