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European Day of Languages
26th September 2005
Since the European Year of Languages in 2001 the 26th September was declared by the Council of Europe as the annual date to celebrate the European Day of Languages. Since then hundreds of events have been organised to promote the day.

The aims of the European Day of Languages are: To alert the public to the importance of language learning; to increase awareness and appreciation of ALL the languages spoken in Europe; to encourage lifelong language learning.

To assist in these aims Viking Network Ireland has designed a simple project. Here is a drawing of a ship on the sea with six items marked 1 to 6. Your task is to find the names of these items in as many languages as possible. If you email us your lists we will add as many as possible to this page. We have started by including the English names. No prizes, just some fun and learning!

English Philippine
1 Sail Lakbay La vela
2 Mast Layag L'albero
3 Ship Bangka La barca
4 Oar Sagwan il remo
5 Wave
6 Sea/Water Tubig acqua

Thanks to Ms. Beirne's sixth class, St. Brigid's Castleknock, Dublin Ireland who submitted the Philippine, Italian and Chinese words.

Updated Oct 2005 by the Viking Network