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How to Make a
Model Viking Ship.



Before you make the model you might like to read about Viking ships here.

There is a useful lesson on Viking ships here.


1. Print out the plans above. They can be enlarged as required.

2. Fold a piece of card in half. Draw the outline of the hull on this making sure that the keel is on the fold.

3. Cut out the shape and stick the two ends together to make the basic boat shape.

4. Decorate the hull with planking and decorate the figure heads. Use your imagination!

5. Decorate the shields before cutting out. Stick the shields along the sides of the ship.

6. Cut out the seat and and the central hole which will be used to anchor the mast. Stick it inside the boat in the middle.

7. Decorate the sail on both sides and cut it out. Make two holes for the mast where marked.

8. Use a straw or light stick for the mast. Put on the sail. Put the mast through the hole in the seat and use modelling clay or similar substance to stick it to the bottom of the boat.

9. Use clay to keep the boat upright.

If the whole class makes ships then you have a Viking fleet ready to sail!



Our ship is ready to sail!


Updated 7 October 2002 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator Dr. Michael Farry. Navan Education Centre.