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September - November 2004


Schools E-Postcards

St. Brigid's, Castleknock, Co. Dublin
Ms. Crotty's 4th class

Our school, St. Brigid's, was founded in 1971. Like the saint of our school we aim to have a kind, caring atmosphere here. her feast day is on the 1st of February. A lot of classes weave St. Brigid's crosses. It is said if you have a cross in your house or classroom it will protect you from fire. The Church of Ireland church in Castleknock is called after St. Brigid and in our neighbouring parish of Blanchardstown the Catholic Church is also St. Brigid's. We also have a St. Brigid's G.A.A. club near our school. Here boys and girls learn to play hurling and football. These are sports we only play in Ireland and it is a big part of our culture. So as you can see, St. Brigid is very important to our school, parish and culture.

Vestbjerg School, Vestbjerg, Denmark
Class 7a

This is the drawing we selected to represent us and our country.
Next year it is Hans Christian Andersen's 200th birthday. This will be celebrated in many ways and many students will do school work about the writer and his production. Amanda has drawn the poet writing at his desk and the mermaid from one of his fairy tales and the swans from another story.

The bakery was added because we think Denmark is known around the world for our breakfast cakes.

Tankerstown National School in Tipperary, Ireland.

Hi. We are the pupils of Tankerstown National School. There are 4 teachers in our school which lies at the foot of the Galtee Mountains.

Our hobbies include football, hurling, athletics, swimming and reading. Every second Friday all our pupils enjoy paired reading and this is marvellous fun as we help others, and others help us.

Last Friday, children parents and teachers had a yummy, healthy "Breakfast Together" in aid of the children's charity, Childline.



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