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Greetings from Riddersand Primary School, Fetsund, Norway.
This is a school with 220 pupils, age from 6 to 12/13.
We are living in Fetsund, 30 km north of Oslo, the capital of Norway.


The 4th graders (9 years old) at Riddersand Primary School have written about their Christmas Traditions.

We are celebrating the lightning of a big Christmas tree at Fetsund center.
We are going to our cabin.
We decorate the Christmas tree the day before Christmas Eve.
We bake ginger cookies.
We decorate and clean our house.
We go to church Christmas Eve at 4.00 p.m.
We open our Christmas gifts after Santa has been at our house. We open our gifts on Christmas Eve.
We are hanging a shining star in our windows in the beginning of December. It`s dark in Norway this time of year, so it`s rather beautiful to see from outside.
We eat roasted rib of pork for dinner and rice - pudding for dessert and of course, lot of cakes.
We sing Christmas carols and dance (rather walk) around the Christmas tree.
We hang up some stockings on the day before Christmas Eve and Santa comes at night and put some goodies in it.
We have a calender starting the 1st of December. We open one hatch? each day. It contains chocolate or small gifts.

To open up gifts!
To throw snowballs at daddy!
To go skating!
To play in the snow!
To eat good food!
To get a visit from my Grandmother!
To bake ginger cookies!

The 4th grade and their teacher Merete Bogen wish you all a peaceful Christmas!!


Updated December 2000 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator
Michael Farry, Navan Education Centre

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