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September - November 2004

Schools E-Postcards


This project is part of Netd@ys Europe .

Netd@ys Europe is an initiative of the European Commission, organised by the Directorate-general for Education and Culture, which promotes the use of new technologies, especially the Internet, in education and culture.

The theme for Netd@ys Europe 2004 is "Dialogue Between Cultures".

Our project Schools E-Postcards is designed to help pupils learn about the different cultures and traditions in their own and other countries.


To participate your school must choose any image which they consider represents some aspect of their school's or their area's tradition or culture. The image could be a photograph, a pupil's art work, a painting or drawing - the choice is yours.

The pupils must also compose a short message, no more than 40 words, which expresses this tradition or culture. Both text and image should be emailed to the project co-ordinator ( with the school and class name. As many as possible of those submitted will be put on this website.

This project is open to all schools but limited to one entry per school.

See example below - you can do much better!



St. Olaf's School, Navan, Co. Meath
Class XVII

Like Vikings of old we too sail afar though we do not leave our classroom. We search for knowledge and try to broaden our horizons. We pillage the knowledge of the centuries in the hope of eventually adding to it.



Updated 27 October 2004 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator Dr. Michael Farry. Navan Education Centre. Email (Remove AT)

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