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February - April 2003


The Vikings loved poetry.
The Viking Sagas have poems on nearly every page.
The Viking kings all had at least one personal poet (skald) nearby at all times.
It was hard to become a highly respected Viking if you could not make up a poem on the spot.

Your poem wanted!
We invite each of you to send your own poems to this mailing list.
Then we can all read your poems and be inspired by them to write our own.

We don't have strict rules about your poems but we would like them to be short, just four lines would be fine.
They don't have to rhyme but can if you wish.
We would suggest the topics of weather and the sea but you are not confined to these.
If you wish you can paint or draw an illustration for the poem and send it also.

Write in your native language
To many of us English is a foreign language. Please write the poems in your own language.
Perhaps you can write a brief summary in English, to give people
who do not speak your language an idea of what the poem is about.

An electronic book of poems
We will put up a selection of your poems for all to see.
Here there are

Start writing now
You can start sending your poems right away and keep sending more until the middle of April.

No need to register for this project just go ahead and write!


Updated 28 March 2003 by The Viking Network.
Irish Co-ordinator Dr. Michael Farry. Navan Education Centre.

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