Hello world!


This is our school:


Here we are outside our classroom windows.

The name of our school is Riddersand and we have 25 teachers and 210 students aged from  6 to 13.


In our class are 18 girls and 20 boys.

Our school is in a village called Fetsund in Norway.

Our school is situated at Longitude 11 and Latitude 60 and the village is situated 100m above sea level.

Our village is 30 km. Northeast of Oslo, the capital of Norway. It`s situated at Glomma, the biggest river in Norway. Can you find it on a map?

School starts at 8.30 in the morning and ends sometimes at 11.00, sometimes at 12.20 and sometimes at 13.10 in the afternoon.

We have lunch from 11.00 to 11.35.

In our class we study mathematics, Norwegian, English, Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, Religious studies, Art and craft, Technological subjects and Information technology.

More things to tell you about our school:

This is a picture from our schoolyard. In the background you can see some students . They are cleaning the area around the buildings, picking up litter etc. We want the surroundings to look nice on the Norwegian national holiday, 17th of May.

Here we are in front of Ridderhaugen, a grave mound in our schoolyard. Here we play basketball. As you can see, the school is located near the church.

We don`t have school uniforms in Norway.

We have a badge (mascot) called “Ridder Real” which means “The fair knight” in English.(We think!)

He is a knight in shining armour and his weapon is a pencil.

He looks like this:


We think our school is special because of this grave mound from the Bronze Age, because we have a large sport hall and because we have school mediation.

We wish you all a great summer vacation and look forward to meeting you on the Vnet next school year!

Many greetings from Riddersand.