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The Viking Network organises small "snapshot" projects which are held roughly every two months. These projects use the international mailing list of the Viking Network giving schools access to an international network of schools. Participating schools are put on a list and on a particular day send information on the current topic to the list address:

All participants thus receive information from schools from many countries which can be a valuable classroom resource.

If you wish to participate or if you wish to suggest a possible project please email Michael.

European Day of Languages Project
26th September 2005

September - November 2004

Netd@ys Project

"Schools E-Postcards"

English Version

French Version

Danish Version

October - November 2003

Netd@ys Project

"Good Morning World"

February - May 2003


In this project we asked you to write and submit poems .

More information here.

11 - 29 November 2002


In this project we asked you to make model viking ships, we gave sample instructions and we put pictures of the results on our virtual viking fleet page.

More information here.

22 - 26 April 2002

In conjunction with eSchola

Participants described their school by answering some questions.

Sample Responses.

March 2002


This project was organised by our contact school in Moscow and their student Viking Club and Sergey, our coordinator in Russia.

Participants were asked to answer these questions:

1. How long are the breaks at your school? 2. What times are the breaks?
3. Do you have a break for lunch? 4. Where do you spend the breaks? 5. How can you describe everything that's going on during a break? (a calm, a disaster, a sleeping kingdom, a football match, etc.). 6. What is so special about the activity during breaks in your own school?

Analysis of Results

21 NOVEMBER 2001

Good Morning World 2001

This project, in conjunction with Netdays2001, took place on Wednesday 21 November.

On that day each participating school emailed a short account of what their morning was like as answers to previously circulated questions such as: What is the weather like in your area? What did you have for breakfast? What are you studying in school? etc.

Sample Responses from the Project

15-19 OCTOBER 2001

Summer Holidays 2001

In this project we found out where the pupils went on their summer holidays this year. Participants sent a short message reporting the results of a class survey using the answers to questions like these:

Did you go on a summer holiday this year?
Did you go with all or most of your family, with friends or on your own?
Did you go to another country or another part of your own country?
Where did you go and why did you go there?
Did you enjoy the holiday?

MARCH 2001

A Visit from Virtual Viking Children

In this project which took place towards the end of March we sent these two "virtual Viking children", Brynhilde and Olav, to spend some time in a school. The pupils made a short diary of what the "children" saw and did during the day.

Read some of the Diaries


Our School is Special

In this project which took place in mid-February pupils were asked to write a short reason why their school is special.

This might be because of how good the school is at something (languages, sports, art etc) excellent teachers, size, (very big - very small), position, (near some important building, desert, natural feature) and so on.


Christmas Customs

In this project, which was held on 12th December, pupils wrote a short account of some Christmas customs which are common in their areas and emailed them to the list address. In this way they shared customs and saw differences and similarities.

Sample Responses


25 OCTOBER 2000

Recipes From All Over The World

In this project we asked participants to find a recipe, perhaps for cakes, biscuits, soup, stew, sweets or anything else. This could be an old recipe which Grandmother or Grandfather knows or a new recipe which you have just found.

On Wednesday 25th October all participants emailed their recipe to the mailing list address so that all participants got all the recipes.

An interesting selection of the submitted recipes is available HERE on our web pages for others to read.

MARCH 2000


Our snapshot project for March was called Let's Face It!
We compared words for facial features in different languages.
We put up a page with a drawing of a face with features (eyes, ears etc) marked and participants were asked to give the word for each feature in their own language.
Check the link below.


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