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My name is Diarmaid. I love playing in the village with my friends, Finian, Colm and Sean. We have lots of games to play. One day we were playing hide and seek. I was on so I counted to one hundred and then looked up. Straight away I saw something like a dragon's head, then a huge colourful sail. I knew it was the Vikings.

I yelled "The Vikings are coming. The Vikings are coming". Two of my friends believed me but Colm thought it was a trick to catch him. We looked for him for a while but we couldn't find him. We looked back to sea. The Vikings were very close now. There were six ships in all and we could see the most blood curdling dragon's heads sculpted onto the front of the ships. We ran as fast as our legs would go roaring "Viking, Vikings, the Vikings are coming".

One of the monks sounded the alarm bell in the round tower. There were frightful shouts and screams. Men rushed around looking for their wives and children. The chieftain shouted "Go to the round tower". We all scampered towards the tower with our valuable belongings. The monks got their precious manuscripts and chalices. When most of us were safe the ladder was pulled up.

We were safe but the Vikings went through the village. They took any valuables that were left and they burned the church. They set fire to the thatched roofs. They took the people who had not reached the tower as slaves. All we had worked for over the years was wrecked in minutes.

When the Vikings left we came down from the tower. Everybody was devastated. We went to look for Colm. "Colm, Colm", we shouted "Where are you?" "He's probably half way across the Irish sea by now" said Sean. I saw the rushes by the pond tremble. I ran over. I heard sobs. There he was crouching among the rushes. "I saw them!" he muttered "They were terrifying". "It's all right. They're gone now" I said.

We started to rebuild the village straight away. This time we built it further from the sea.

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