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MARCH 2001

Two virtual Viking children, Olav and Brynhilde, came on a visit to some modern schools. They wrote short accounts of their visits/ Here are some of their accounts:

St Patrick's NS, Crowenstown, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

We arrived in Crowenstown, on Thursday. As we approaced the school building several loud fast coloured moving objects zoomed by us. We were very afraid. Thankfully these strange things did not harm us. We then went into the school. The building was long like our houses at home. However it was very strange inside. There were see through walls. The children called them Windows. As we walked towards the window our legs hit off something hot. We were a little afraid. The children called it a radiator. Seemingly all you do is press a button and you get heat. The children say you need a black liquid called oil. It is very strange. For us to have heat we light a fire!!

Next we noticed there was soft fur like stuff on the floor. It looked like grass it was green. How unusual!

We noticed many other strange things. The teacher seemed magic. When she wanted light she pressed something on the wall and we had light. In the morning we saw one of the children also working magic. She turned an object on the wall and out flowed water. What was most unusual however was that she put this water in a vessel. Later after she seemed to play with this object suddenly the water was warm.

We were very happy to see something from home in the class. They had a quern stone. We use those for grinding corn. When we asked the children if we would help with the corn grinding they laughed. They said that the stone had been found in the fields. They do not grind corn they "buy" all their food. We asked about this. They have very strange food in packages. This food has some strange flavours and tastes.

While in class the children did not learn things about hunting or cooking but they seemed to spend a lot of time putting marks on flat things called books.

Finally we thought their toilets were great. At home we have to empty buckets but here the bucket empties itself!!!

We had great fun in the yard. The children showed us how to play football. We also learned to skip. We have had a great time here in Crowenstown but we are looking forward to going home to some tasty real food.

Kalmar, Sweden.

March 29th 2001

Dear Diary

We are now in a small town called Kalmar in a country called Sweden. It is a very nice day and the sun is shining. The place we are at is a school. Here the children learn how to count, read and write. They have many strange things here. Listen to some of their names: Stefan, Mikael, Ali, Emrit, Florent and Hanna.

They play funny instruments. They are hard and yellow and look just like gold.

We wonder where they keep all the animals. You don't hunt here you just walk into a house and buy food for coins.

The houses are much harder and stronger than ours and they have lights without a fire. They keep food in boxes with ice in. They don't even need to keep them salted. They also have an "oven", a fireplace, without fire where they cook the food.

The people talk in small boxes with other people far away. They also have books with letters we don't recognize and they have pictures in them that are painted so well they look real.

Many greeting from a very strange place,

Olav and Brynhilde

Driffield, East Yorkshire, England.

Well, we've just arrived in Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire. This is what happened…..

We sat down on a funny shaped object called a chair in the hut they call a classroom. We opened a "drawer" and saw that it had a funny shaped book in it called "spelling book". I picked out three more things called a pen, pencil and ruler. I was taken to a lesson called Literacy which was just learning English, pretty boring as I couldn't understand anything!

Afterwards we lined up for something called assembly and a man called Mr Farn was talking about Easter.

At eating time we were given a plastic box that opened and shut. We don't know what it is called but it had some white thin bread and a funny tasting bit in the middle. BUT it didn't have meat. We felt very strange about not eating any meat, in fact we felt a bit weak! There was also some funny crunchy things called crisps which I did like!

After eating we played with a round object that rolled and we kicked it with our feet.

Later we had to learn about numbers but were not sure what they were. Then we learnt about the world in geography. We didn't believe what we were hearing about all of the countries. We only knew a few of them. How did they know about them??? How big the world is!

We felt so tired sitting in a classroom all day. We wanted lots of fresh air!

Ratoath National School, Co. Meath, Ireland

We are Viking children Olav and Brynhilde and we have spent one week in Ratoath Co. Meath, Ireland.

Ever since we came here we have experienced lots of new ways of life. We have not been eating any deer or boar meat- all we eat is things called sandwiches - they aren't that nice. We have also been eating chocolate that is really nice and every one seems to like it and it is as sweet as honey.

The people here in Ratoath do not wear as much jewelry and they are not dressed as fancy as us. In Ratoath school they seem to be wearing the same clothes as each other and we find this very funny.

They have stuff called electricity. They use this electricity to power things called Computers. The computers have a lot of cool stuff on them. They have some thing that you can talk into from one class and you can hear a voice all over the school and it is called an intercom.

They do science projects and they are very weird but good. They are also involved in this thing called a Ringo Project, that is about recycling and 3D art pictures. They are really cool!

They also do a thing called Leprechaun Rugby. This game looks like it's fun! We have really enjoyed our stay in Ratoath Co. Meath, it was really fun!!!

St. Mary's, Ireland

11/3/ 2001

The first thing we noticed when we came to St.Mary's N.S. is that all the children wore the same clothes. This was strange, but they said it was so they would all wearing the same uniform: A grey jumper and trousers and a blue shirt and something called a "tie". The looked uncomfortable. There were also eighteen teachers in the school, who could wear what ever they wanted. This seemed a bit unfair.


We were wondering how the people here kept all the rooms lit, so we asked. They use something called "Electricity" It seems pretty far-fetched. Maybe they were lying. Anyway, they use electricity (If it exists) to do practically everything. They use it for heat, light and to power computers (Strange glowing boxes that make weird sounds) Tomorrow I'm going to see what the children learn in school.


Well, we saw some of the classes, and there are a lot of them! They learn maths (Which is very boring), Irish (A strange language), English (Which is pointless, because they already know the language), and Geography and Nature. Geography was REALLY boring, but Nature was good. They do a lot of strange things in this school. Especially eating. They eat things called "Sandwiches" which is pieces of bread with meat in them, but they only put a tiny bit of meat in. They must be hungry all the time! And some of them don't even put meat in them!!!!


Today we learned about some of the games the children play. They play football, but very differently to us. Instead of using a pig's bladder, they use balls of leather, and kick it into something called a "goal" They also play some weirder things, like Volley Ball and rounders. We didn't understand either of these at all. A also learned there strange religion. They only belive in one God, and they just call him "God" This seems very strange, but they think it's weird the way we worship more than one God!


Well, Today we found out what the computers (The glowing boxes) did. They write down words in strange writing, and all you have to do is press down "Buttons" on something called a "Keyboard" We couldn't read any of the writing, though, so it was a bit boring. Everyone can read and write here, though, even the girls! They seem to think it's very important to be able to read and write.


To-day there was no school, so we walked around the town a bit. There were weird shops where people pay for things with coins called "Pounds" They don't look very valuable, though. And some of them even pay with paper! This is a very strange time.


Today most people went to a "Church" to worship their one God (Which we still find strange) and said a lot of prayers. They don't have any Druids or anything, just a man called a Priest. He wears long white robes. Then they ate something which they call "The Body of Christ" We didn't think this really was made of a human's body, but we didn't eat it just in case.

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