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(SNAPSHOT PROJECT February - May 2003)

The Vikings loved poetry.
The Viking Sagas have poems on nearly every page.
The Viking kings all had at least one personal poet (skald) nearby at all times.
It was hard to become a highly respected Viking if you could not make up a poem on the spot.

Your poem wanted!
We invited pupils to send us their own poems. There were no
strict rules about the
poems but we suggested the topics of weather and the sea.
Pupils were encouraged to paint or draw an illustration for their poems.


From Iceland
Egill Skalla-Grímsson
  Það mælti mín móðir,
at mér skyldi kaupa
fley ok fagrar árar
fara á brott með víkingum,
standa upp í stafni,
stýra dýrum knerri,
halda svá til hafnar,
höggva mann og annan
Egill Skalla-Grimsson did a poem after his mother said that he would get a knarr (a ship) and asked him to sail with vikings to another country, kill a man and another one!!



From Vik School Norway

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  A pirate sailor is an angry man.
He steals and steals that just that he can.
A mighty pirate can’t read.
He thinks like this that something I don’t need.
They says things like: You are so ugly that you can’t have your fathers DNA.
OH, I look that much on your fiance.
They have sword and gun, but I think they have it just to have fun.
This is A pirate’s life.
He has no time for his wife.

Lars Kristian


The lonely old car

There was an old car
He was ugly and old
He wanted to be a star,
but his owner was tired and bald.


The spring has come,
And the summer is near.
We all wish peace,
In the end of this year.

Hanne, Ida , Marit

  My Dream

I have a dream,
I see a light
That shines in white
And then the light
Comes on so bright
I feel so good
And when I know
I would
Sleep an hour more.

I have a dog
her name is Pernille
she is cosy and nice
and I like her

Ole Christian

Flowers are blooming in the valley.
The snow is melting and the
Winter is over.
Spring is on its way...


From Tankerstown National School, Tipperary, Ireland

Ghouls and Ghosts

Ghouls and Ghosts
Hiding in the shadows,
Oh so scary,
Scream if you dare,
The screams will hot help you,
So run away to stay alive.

Age: 11


Ghosts are scary full of
Horror frightening you till you head falls
Off!!! making you
Scream and die with fright
Testing your brain to
See if you’re scared or you’re bright.

By Aileen
Age: 12


Ghosts and ghouls, they’re everywhere,
Haunting houses and scaring people is what they do,
Oh the bogy man comes to you at night,
Sitting in the shadows, waiting for their prey,
Touching your faces with their grimy hands,
So beware, beware of the ghosts.

By John.


Ghouls an Ghosts
Hairy and Scary
Obsessed with White
Stick with Fright
Terrible scares
Sometimes Dares

By Gemma
Age 10


Easter comes once a year
Watch the chocolate disappear
Galaxy, Aero, Crunchy and Mars
Lots of eggs, lots of bars
lots of fun for children

Easter comes once a year
Lots of work for shops
Easter comes once a year
Grab the opportunity
While its here

By Jason
Age: 12


There was an old man,
Who liked crisps,
And he had a dog,
Dog called Crisps,
And the dog liked crisps.

By Eoin
Age 11


From St. Brigid's School, Castleknock, Ireland


A Viking Poem

When things were going bad
The Vikings set sail;
There were many treasures to be had
So they were determined not to fail.

They landed on Ireland’s shore
Determined to steal our monasteries’ valuable store,
They set villages alight
And terrorised every monk in sight.

They sailed in calm dry conditions
In longboats sturdy and vast.
But a monk had nothing to fear
If a storm raged furious and fast!

3rd class
Viking Project




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