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Uploading your Web Site

When your web site is ready, all the files you have created are stored on your own computer only. To make your web site available to the public, you need to transfer your files to a computer with a special connection to the Internet that stores web site documents. This type of computer is known as a web server and each school will have space allocated to them on the web server of their particular ISP (Internet service Provider). When visitors connect to your site on the Internet, they receive (download) your web site documents into their own computers.

You may have to contact your ISP to enable you to use your web space. Eircom customers can find more information on setting up web pages at

Once you have made all the arrangements, you need to upload your web site to the web server, i.e. copy your web pages and images etc. to the web server. The most common method of moving these files to the server from your own computer is by using FTP, which stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a good idea to test your hyperlinks before you upload. You must be connected to the Internet to check the hyperlinks on any of your pages that link to external sites on the World Wide Web.